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My New Blog!

I've finally gotten around to making my dream blog! I now have a snappy little site that is simple and allows me to post from any computer or iOS device I have in front of me.

Thanks to Marco Arment's awesome Second Crack, all I do is to save a markdown draft to my dropbox. From there, Second Crack instantly creates a nice static preview html file that allows me to view my post exactly as it will appear when I commit it. When the post's ready to be published, I just move it into the _publish-now/ directory or add a header that says "publish-now" in the markdown file. And it's done!

Marco has posted an awesome video demo of this greatness in action.1

Installing Second Crack wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but thanks to Nick Wynja's awesome deploysecondcrack and through instructions, it's definitely doable. Anyone with moderate SSH and command line knowledge can figure it out.

Because of it's simplicity, I'm hoping it encourages me to blog more often. Also, be prepared for drastic changes to the look and functionality of this blog in the coming weeks. Due to my amateur web development knowledge, some stuff will probably be broken too. But hey, move fast and break things, right?

  1. There's some nifty bookmarklet action in the video — I haven't gotten around to messing with these yet. However, there's instructions for doing so on Marco's github page.