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Loomi: My Favorite Christmas Gift

I love the Loomi light that my sister got me for christmas. It looks so cool, and the DIY aspect of putting it together just adds to the fun. Here's how the creators describe the Loomi on their Kickstarter page:

Loomi is a modular, makeable, paintable, recyclable light that looks beautiful just about anywhere. Loomi is made up of interlinking quadrilaterals that easily connect to create wonderful lights of all shapes and sizes.

I was gifted the kickstarter single light kit with electrical fixture. You get a pack of thirty three quadrilateral cutouts that you can use to build whatever you want. They feel identical to high quality posterboard. I wouldn't be surprised if that what it's cut from.

Loomi Kit

I chose to make the Loomi Globe, mainly because that was the only creation they had posted instructions for. I used all but three of the cutouts to build the globe. It was a little challenging to make, and at times I was afraid I might rip an edge. Regardless, I had a great time hooking the pieces together.

My Loomi

The Loomi looks fantastic once you slip the light fixture in and turn on the light. I thought the photos on Loomi's website looked too good to be true, but it really looks that awesome.

Everyone in my family wants one now. I've never seen a light that gave off such a unique, relaxing hue. I can't wait to hang the Loomi up when I get back to school.